“Abuse is like graffiti marring our internal picture of God’s loving heart.”

- Coach Sarah 

Toxic relationships cause pain.

  • Women wounded by toxic relationships in the faith community often become disillusioned and wonder how a loving God could allow so much hurt. 
  • When “Christians” hurt us at home, at church, or at work -- our inner wounds create a toxic mental soundtrack that tells us lies about who we are, how to act, and what we’re worth. 

WILD is your journey to freedom.

Learn to make regret-free relationship choices in practical, emotional, physical, and spiritual ways. Learn how to retrain your brain, restore your wellness, and reclaim your voice by answering these four WILD questions:
  • WISDOM - "How do I make wise choices?"
  • IDENTITY - "Who does God say I really am?"
  • LEGACY - "Where have I come from, and what should I leave behind?"
  • DARING - "Where am I going next?"

Why Women Love WILD...

Finally I am not isolated on my own dealing with this. Without my coach's guidance this probably would have ended in tragedy for me.
It’s a safe place where I can be vulnerable without fear of judgment. There’s comfort in knowing that none of us are alone in our struggles. 
My favorite thing is the calling it like it is with kindness and respect, respect of different faith journeys, and feeling connected to so many even with distance.

"Men and women were created as whole beings. We cannot subdivide our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness into separate, unrelated functions."

Coach Bren

Abuse Advocacy | A Quick Visual Guide | eBook

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Whatever you've been through...

...abandonment, abuse, bullying, self-harm...
it IS POSSIBLE to change the way you think and choose to travel a joyful, purposeful, wild path.

WILD will guide YOU to learn how to:
  • think in new ways that influence how you make decisions, 
  • interact more safely with people, and 
  • overcome whatever lies hidden in your history.


Coaches Sarah + Bren guide your unique process to find clarity, heal from abuse, take back your identity, and enhance wellness after trauma:
  • Private, individual coaching sessions give you exclusive access to focused guidance toward safety, stability, and strength.
  • Affordable group coaching packages online guiding your journey through highly relevant resources in community with other survivors, via video calls. 
Meet Your Coaches


Power packed online courses are your trail map to route the best path as you retrain your brain, restore your wellness, and reclaim your voice:
  • learn to recognize the red flags of toxic behavior patterns in ANY type of relationship.
  • write a new mental soundtrack to override the lies you've believed about yourself for so long.
  • build new lifestyle habits for functional wellness after trauma.
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Get so much more, when you're a member of the Wilder Journey Coaching Community, for a low monthly membership:
  • weekly mini-treks=1 short video + doable action steps.
  • steep discounts on any online course you choose.
  • private peer support group - you're not alone anymore!
  • VIP access to Coach Sarah + Coach Bren.
  • monthly interviews with renowned authors + leading experts in abuse recovery.
  • plus so much more!
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WILD is for women just like you, who are:

  • seeking clarity from the fog of your confusing marriage.
  • rebuilding, because your abusive marriage already ended.
  • suffering anxiety due to mistreatment at a toxic workplace.
  • struggling to trust again because of a toxic friendship.
  • overcoming childhood pain and trying to figure out how to honor toxic parents.
  • confused by controlling spiritual leaders in your faith community who tell you exactly what you can and can't believe.

Do you find yourself:

  • trying to sort through an exceptionally confusing relationship?
  • battling anxiety and discouragement, even though it’s not who you used to be?
  • feeling insecure or foggy about someone else’s actions?
  • untangling someone’s words over and over again, because their actions don’t match?
  • frustrated by cognitive dissonance, brain fog, and circular conversations?
  • exhausted and lethargic due to insomnia or health changes?
These are common signs of living in (or having survived) a toxic, abusive, unsafe environment.

You need support from women of faith who have survived this perilous journey, and are on the other side.

What to look for in a membership community:

  • wholistic integration approach to emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness.
  • education on a variety of abusive systems, not just one form of abuse.
  • maps to guide your recovery as you trek forward from survivor to thriver.
  • practical tools to equip you to avoid toxic relationships in the future.
  • thorough, diverse cross-section of topics and professional experts.
  • access to multiple coaches who provide a variety of viewpoints and approaches.
  • compassionate, non-judgmental, faith-based peer support group.
  • emphasis on privacy, security, and confidentiality.
  • affordability, payment plans, and sponsorship options.
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What Survivors Love about WILD...

WILD's groups give different perspectives when you post on something, or you read another person's post -- you can really look at a situation from a step back. I'm part of at least one other group that isn't from WILD, and I enjoy it, but overall it has a different vibe/flow. 
I don't feel I could truly be myself in other groups.
How different my experience might have been if this group had existed about four years sooner. I suffered much needlessly because I had no confidential way to connect with women who had run the gauntlet before me, and with persons and professionals trained in trauma. Without this I would still be floundering. 
It’s hard to find support groups that focus on impact of abuse on the children. 
So many are focused ONLY on recovery from romantic, marriage, significant other aspects of abuse recovery. 
I feel like others can relate to how I grew up. I have a sense of belonging and don't feel so alone because of this group.
One of my favorite things is how I can say exactly what I want to say and be heard. 
Everywhere else I feel like I have to water down my story so people can kind of understand it, but I never really feel heard by them. 
WILD makes me feel like I have the family I always needed but never had. The coaches taught me it's ok to grieve the loss of a parent who doesn't act like one. I'm learning how to make better emotional connections without being fearful.