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Safe Churches: Responding to Abuse in the Faith Community

You can’t tell who the abusers are in your church. You’d like to think you can, but you’re wrong. And you need to know why.
Safe Churches is for you, if you want to…
  • discover how to recognize and respond to red flags.
  • feel more equipped to educate your church staff.
  • protect the vulnerable.
  • discern genuine repentance.
  • reflect God’s character to your church’s children. 
Safe Churches presents proven approaches to handling abuse at church in ways that are both biblically redemptive and legally responsible.
by: Sarah McDugal, Jennifer Jill Schwirzer, Nicole Parker
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Understanding and Implementing Sexual Misconduct Policy

The rising profile of sexual abuse and related litigation makes it increasingly important for churches and organizations  to implement protective policies at all levels.

Use Understanding and Implementing Sexual Misconduct Policy as a benchmark for creating effective policies in your own faith-based organization. It provides a framework for integrity and consistency; outlining model procedures for  employees, volunteers, and chaplains. 

This eBook also serves a supplement to Safe Churches: Responding to Abuse in the Faith Community, simplifying and explaining Policy E-87, a Sexual Ethics policy of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination in North America.

by: Sarah McDugal, Nicholas Miller.
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Myths We Believe, Predators We Trust

37 Things You Don't Want To Know About Abuse in Church (But You Really Should!)
  • Is your church as safe as you think it is? 
  • If someone was abusing a child close to you, could you tell?
Myths on forgiveness and repentance allow abusers to manipulate, charm, and deceive trusting leaders, parents, and children.

Myths We Believe, Predators We Trust equips you to make your faith community a safer place.
by: Sarah McDugal, Daron Pratt

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One Face: Shed the Mask, Own Your Values, and Lead Wisely

One Face takes you on a journey of personal discovery and growth, showcasing stories of wildly successful people who lead with transparency and live with one face. 
You'll learn how to:
  • discover and define your personal core values.
  • transform even the harshest feedback into fuel for growth.
  • use a proven framework to make decisions you won't regret.
  • live with less stress, less guilt, and more freedom to be yourself.
by: Sarah McDugal
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Abuse Advocacy | A Quick Visual Guide

Full-color, packed with 32 pages of crucial information about abuse. Clear, easy-to-understand infographics simplify concepts.

Abuse Advocacy: A Quick Visual Guide is the perfect quick-reference for helpers & advocates. This tool empowers survivors to articulate what happened and call it abuse.
  • causes of abuse & rape
  • signs of controllers
  • tips to handle stress after abuse
  • simple steps to phone safety
  • myths about love
  • 13 patterns of abusive behavior vs safe relationships, and more!

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Systems of Abuse | A Guide to Recognizing Toxic Behavior Patterns

Systems of Abuse outlines 13 categories of behavioral patterns, giving simple, tangible illustrations for each category.

Abuse can be difficult to identify, especially if you have been conditioned to see it as normal. Systems of Abuse guides advocates and survivors to break through the fog and assists victims to remember and articulate their experiences.

Systems of Abuse is an essential tool for coaches, counselors, advocates, activists, teachers, pastors, and those who work with survivors.
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Systems of Love & Honor | A Guide to Recognizing Safe Relationships

Systems of Love & Honor outlines 13 behavior patterns that make relationships safe.

When mistreatment is "normal", it's hard to know what safe looks like. Systems of Love & Honor illustrates simple, easy-to-understand actions and attitudes that reflect God's intention for safe loving relationships.

Systems of Love & Honor is an essential tool for coaches, counselors, advocates, and anyone who wants to recalibrate your relationship baseline.
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