WELCOME to WILD Coaching

You Can Choose Between:

Private Sessions

WILD's private, individual sessions offer exclusive access to:
  • focused guidance to achieve clarity, accountability, and wholeness after abuse. 
  • take back control of your functional wellness, and build healthy habits.
  • clearly recognize patterns that once left you confused, and avoid getting drawn back in. 
  • feel the trauma fog start to lift, and increase your confidence.  
You just might never be the same again...

Individual Sessions:
$75/session (pay as you go)
Session Packages:
$375 - six weekly sessions (one session FREE!)
$750 - twelve weekly sessions (two sessions FREE!)

Group Sessions

WILD's group sessions give you the priceless opportunity to: 
  • connect with others who are determined to take active steps toward healing + wholeness
  • study relevant books in a LIVE guided coaching format via video conference call.
  • expand your peer circle of women traveling this same wilder journey.
  • participate without leaving the house, getting a sitter, or changing out of your pajamas.
You won't be journeying alone anymore...

Group Sessions:
$25/session for each 8-to-13 week study.
Fees are billed for the full series at enrollment.
Group Coaching fees are discounted from private session rates. 

Coach Sarah

Sarah McDugal is an author, speaker, trainer, and Abuse Recovery Coach who works exclusively with women wounded by toxic relationships in the faith community. 

She emphasizes biblical prevention, responsible strategy, and wholistic healing in her appearances on podcasts, TV, radio, training events and lectures. 

You want Coach Sarah if you are...

  • struggling to decide whether your relationship is actually abusive.
  • processing the pain of betrayal from pornography addiction or infidelity in your marriage.
  • dealing with the fallout of starting over after abuse, and trying to get back on your feet.
  • sorting through the anguish of a toxic friendship and broken trust in your social circle. 
  • disentangling yourself from toxic family dynamics and learning how to respect yourself.
  • needing guidance to set healthy boundaries at home, work, church, or with friends.
  • feeling shattered from a toxic workplace environment and wondering how to regain your confidence.
Coach Sarah uses a variety of tools such as asking direct questions, reflecting, summarizing, strategizing, and offering support. She will teach you to use practical, proven, faith-based methods of regulating thought and emotions, setting safe boundaries, recognizing unsafe behavior patterns, and making essential lifestyle adjustments.

In addition, Coach Sarah will suggest practical relationship and social tools that can improve your ability to form healthy bonds, resolve conflict, make wise decisions, and live with greater confidence. 

Coach Bren

Bren E. Wise is a chaplain, writer, and international wellness coach who works with emotionally traumatized survivors of abuse. She integrates wholistic functional strategies to support your steady steps toward post-trauma wellness.

You want COACH BREN if you are...

  • struggling with insomnia and sleep loss due to stress in your home or workplace environment.
  • battling brain fog and feeling frustrated with yourself for unusual levels of forgetfulness.
  • feeling like you're just functioning at a lower level than you're used to, and can't figure out why.
  • feeling the need to start building healthier lifestyle habits, one baby step at a time. 
  • needing to assess your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits, but unable to go get a gym membership right now. 
  • wanting to better understand your body, find answers for mysterious trauma-related health concerns, and know what questions to ask your doctor. 
Coach Bren gets you on track by helping you assess your overall functional wellness, choose specific target areas to make changes, and provide accountability as you put your plans into action.

WILD's Clients Say...

Without Coach Sarah's guidance, this probably would have ended in tragedy for me.
I've had so many "aha!" moments in WILD's coaching groups. I'd always heard Scripture used to beat women down. Not anymore.
I recently discovered Coach Sarah online and her teaching has been so life-giving to me!