Wilder Journey Coaching Community by Sarah McDugal

Wilder Journey Coaching Community

Your monthly membership guides you on the journey toward wholistic recovery from toxic relationships in the faith community.

Are you ready to start trekking out of the wilderness on a wilder journey?

Do you feel stuck?

Have you begun to feel like life has moved on without you and you're left 
  • wandering in the wilderness.
  • wallowing in the betrayal
  • wishing you could change things. 
  • wondering if it’s beyond all hope.
  • waiting for someone to put words to the pain you’ve been through.

Introducing | WILDER JOURNEY Coaching Community

An exclusive coaching membership, guiding women just like you along the journey of wholistic recovery from toxic relationships in the faith community. Access renowned experts, trauma-informed coaches, weekly videos, healing action steps, and so much more, for one affordable monthly membership.
Are you ready?
Join the Community

You don't have to trek alone anymore.

We get how excruciating toxic relationships can be...

...and how the effects can linger long after a relationship has ended.

We’ve shed the tears and felt the anguish, too. 
We’ve wandered in the wilderness that abuse creates. 
We’ve wallowed in the sadness. 
And then we decided we wanted a different ending to our stories. 

Are you ready to quit wandering, stop wallowing, and walk a wilder journey with us? 
We can’t wait to share what we’ve learned along the way.

Coach Sarah + Coach Bren

Wilder Journey shows you how to:

Retrain Your Brain

Gain practical education and understanding through our trauma-sensitive online courses.
Learn how to: 
  • recognize red flags, 
  • change the way you think, and 
  • write a new mental soundtrack to override the lies you've believed about yourself for so long.

Restore Your Wellness

Grasp how trauma has impacted your ability to function with easy-to-follow resources to:
  • build wholistic growth habits
  • overcome insomnia, anxiety, and stress-related maladies
  • manage emotional eating and food choices, and 
  • feel energetic and confident again.

Reclaim Your Voice

Glimpse God's beautiful vision for your future, as you grow into new confidence and joy. Learn how to: 
  • support others who are experiencing abuse, 
  • impact your community in tangible ways, and 
  • mentor others to understand what real love looks like. 

Survivors Say...

It was the first time anyone believed my story. Without Coach Sarah's guidance, this probably would have ended in tragedy for me.
I've had so many "aha!" moments in Sarah's coaching groups. I'd always heard Scripture used to beat women down. Not anymore.

Is it time for your Wilder Journey to begin?

Have you wished you knew how to:
  • recalibrate your emotional compass? 
  • retrain the way you set boundaries and process trauma? 
  • reclaim your voice and take back your identity? 
What if you could clear the fog and map out a new trail?
What if experienced guides could show you how to recognize danger signs and read emotional weather patterns?
What if you could flex your healing muscles with short treks every week, putting new tools into practice?

What's holding you back from wholeness and freedom? 

Toxic Relationships Take Many Forms

We find ourselves entangled by painful relationships in all sorts of places:
  • husbands
  • girlfriends
  • relatives
  • colleagues
  • churches
These take a toll on our wellness -- mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. 
Over time, we feel:
  • confusion and brain fog
  • isolation from those who understand
  • questions about our sanity
  • illness, anxiety, lethargy, or deep fatigue
  • self-blame, false shame, or even the obligation to shoulder someone else's guilt

What Women Say...

It makes me realize that no, I’m not crazy. I’m not alone. I’m not the only one and even though very few in my life truly understand what I’ve been through and how it’s wrecked me, these ladies do.
Coach Sarah's online group made me realize that God believes we women are precious and valuable. 
We matter to him and he loves us so much.
I don’t have to apologize for how damaged and cynical and hard I’ve become. Others in the group are either there now or have been there. That alone has provided me with more healing than any other form of therapy. 
Even though we are all different, our stories are unique, our belief systems may differ, and there are varying levels of conservatism -- I have seen every single sister's compassion toward others. 
Other groups made me feel like I had to pick a side - stay and be a Christian or divorce and act like it was great. Here, all my stages of grief are ok. I'm both Christian and having marriage problems, and able to process it here. 
There is so much validation within the walls of this group. There is a fierceness in the way we love each other and get protective over each other's hearts.

Meet WILD's Trauma-Informed Coaches...

Connect with Your Coach

Coach Sarah

Sarah McDugal is an author, speaker, trainer, and abuse recovery coach who works exclusively with women wounded by toxic relationships in the faith community. 

She emphasizes biblical prevention, responsible strategy, and wholistic healing in her appearances on podcasts, TV, radio, training events and lectures. 

When you join Wilder Journey, you get exclusive access to:

  • trauma-sensitive weekly mini-treks = short lesson video + reflection questions + action steps.
  • expert interviews with leading advocates, world class authors, and highly experienced professionals.
  • integrated wholistic resources for emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.
  • WILDwarrior stories from down-to-earth survivors just like you, sharing the gritty reality of how they made it through.
  • private peer support group on Facebook, moderated by experienced survivors who get it because they've been there.
  • VIP access to Coach Sarah and Coach Bren. 
  • coupons to make group coaching courses even more affordable
  • steep discounts on your choice of WILD's full-length online courses.
  • unlimited access to our educational library of devotional videos, past LIVE sessions, expert contributors, training events, and more.
  • limited opportunity to collaborate with WILD as an affiliate or pre-launch product reviewer.
  • exclusive beta access to our projects-in-progress, quick tips, latest info, and fresh ideas… before they get released to the public. 

Are you ready for your Wilder Journey to begin?

There’s no better time than right now to release the confusion of toxic betrayal, leave behind the fog of other people’s expectations, and start your first step on a wilder path that leads toward healing. The best part? You don't have to do it alone any more. 

We’re here to walk beside you and empower you, every step of the way! 
Start My Wilder Journey Now!


How is Wilder Journey different from other support groups?

First, we don't just stand against abuse... we are actively FOR your healing.
Wilder Journey offers wholistic, trauma-sensitive coaching and courses focused on facilitating wholeness. We don't believe total healing comes from addressing just one aspect of life. So we emphasize a unique blend of:
+ functional wellness
+ practical strategy
+ identity recovery
+ emotional empowerment
+ spiritual healing.

Wilder Journey's Coaches guide you to dig into the patterns of behavior you've experienced, and recognize abusive systems, no matter the context - giving you tools for staying safe, stable, and strong. 

Who can join Wilder Journey?

Any woman who has been wounded by toxic, abusive relationships in the faith community. This may be marital, social, workplace, church-related, or family of origin. You don't have to be sure how you feel about God right now, we understand that abuse can rock your sense of faith.
Wilder Journey is only for women.

What if I’m not sure it was abuse?

That foggy confusion is where most of us started... and it's perfectly okay. Feeling foggy and confused is often a sign of emotional, spiritual or psychological abuse -- and it's challenging to put your finger on it. No judgment here! Your weekly mini-treks will cover the different red flags and signs of abuse early on, which is perfect for figuring this out.
Wilder Journey is for you.

How much does Wilder Journey cost?

We understand that financial abuse can make it almost impossible to afford private coaching sessions. Sometimes even group coaching is hard to budget. That's why Wilder Journey gives you access to practical courses, customized resources, leading experts, survivor stories, peer support, and so much more -- for just $17 a month. 

To put that in perspective... all of these cost about the same:
  • 1 medium pizza
  • 1 movie ticket
  • 3 medium lattes
  • 1 salad bar and soft drink for lunch
  • 22% of one private coaching session
  • 2/3 of one group coaching session
  • 1 full month of education, peer support, practical tools, and functional wellness - thanks to your Wilder Journey membership.

What if my toxic relationships started in my family of origin?

Are you dealing with a deeply entrenched toxic mental soundtrack, internally berating you for failing to measure up? Are you trying to figure out how to interact with your relatives without triggering family meltdowns? Are you agonizing over whether to to cut off the people you've grown up loving?
Wilder Journey is for you.

What if my toxic relationships are at work?

Has your workplace left you feeling paralyzed, with a shattered identity? Was your workplace abuse made even more painful because it happened in a church ministry or faith-based organization?Are you struggling to heal from the fallout?
Wilder Journey is for you.

What if my toxic relationship is my marriage?

Are you trying to discern how long God expects you to keep suffering in your marriage? Are you  wondering if maybe marriage is just meant to be backbreaking emotional work? Are you worried about how to find safety?
Wilder Journey is for you. 

What if I’ve left my toxic environment behind but I’m still hurting?

Are you feeling like your healing got stuck in neutral somewhere along the way? Are you frustrated because the negative voices in your head just won't shut up? Are you wanting to exit your plateau and move into new layers of emotional and spiritual freedom?
Wilder Journey is for you.

What if I can’t figure out whether it’s really all my fault?

Well... if you're asking this question, then it probaby isn't. But that doesn't mean you might not have picked up some unhealthy coping mechanisms along the way. Sometimes what got you through the abuse, isn't what you need in order to thrive after abuse.
Wilder Journey can help you sort it out.

What if I want to give Wilder Journey to someone who can't afford it?

We offer annual gift sponsorships to enable you to bless someone who cannot afford monthly membership. Choose GIFT Membership plan, and we will email a membership access code for you to share with the recipient of your choice. 

What if I’m scared my abuser will discover my credit card charges?

We recommend preloading a Visa gift card and using it to online when you register, if you're worried about repercussions from someone who monitors your bank accounts. 

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